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1) What You Need To Know When You Want To Fence Your Property

Fence is a security measure around your property, if properly done it also looks beautiful. If it is a really big project you would like to hire he services of aluminum fence companies . In case the project looks manageable to you and you have the time and skills to do it you may want to go about it alone. Whichever your situation is, here are some things you should know before putting up a fence.

Consult Home Owners Association (HOA): Home owners association ensures that you get your communal cleaning services and sometimes help that you may need. Your local HOA had a vision for the plan of the estate you are living in so it is just prudent to find out if the fence you wish to put up is one that is acceptable to them. Your local HOA may have some restrictions and guidelines on fence installation that may give you a lot of ease if you know.

Determine the boundaries of your property: Fence separates you from other peoples property. For that reason you do not wish to cut bits of your possession and give it to your neighbors or take up your neighbors land. Wrong identification of property boundaries may cause problems with your neighbors. You may find it prudent to have your property surveyed and exact boundaries identified if you are not sure.

Find out the plans that your neighbors have: It is possible that you are not the first to think of putting up a fence. If you find out that your neighbors also had the intention of erecting fences, you can discuss and agree on a formula to pool your resources together and have the best possible fence.

Find out where underground utility lines pass: While erecting your fence, it is possible to disrupt important supplies such as power, gas, and water. You could also put your life in danger if you are working on a terrain you are not sure of. It is therefore sound to contact your local utility companies to inform you where their underground pipes and lines run.

Get permits from your construction authorities: Fences and buildings have to be authorized before they are erected. Check with your local construction authorities for any restriction. After getting authorized, you can start working because you are on the safe side of the law.

Decide on a design: With the information you obtain from HOA and your personal taste. You can decide on a design now that you have the permission to go on with your work. Let it be aesthetically acceptable to you and also useful as you intended it to be. You should also remember that fence will greatly influence what you do with your landscape.


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