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Avoid Issues With Installing Flashing

If you're a handy person up for engaging in some building or maintenance work, you might find yourself up on the roof sooner or later. If you're going to install or repair any flashing, there are a few points you should keep in mind to make sure it's done right.

Watch the Valleys

Many professional roofers will tell you they often see errors with how flashing is installed in roof valleys. While different techniques of installation are more popular in various parts of North America, it's important to pay special attention to flashing installation in these areas. Make sure flashing is well secured and that valleys include at least 3 of ice and water membrane for times of inclement weather.

Don't Cheap Out

For some reason, people think it's okay to cut corners on certain aspects of roof maintenance, and this often includes not bothering with step flashing or kick out flashing. Flashing serves an important purpose for the longevity of your roof and its ability to protect the rest of your house; now is not the time to scrimp on materials.

Go For the Drip Edge

If you're using metal fascia in the construction of your property, it's necessary to back your roof up with a drip edge. This will offer extra protection by protecting fascia and sheathing from letting water soak in. It should go without saying that such leaks can cause major damage to your roofs, attic and even other aspects of your home, like the foundations.

While there are many aspects of home repair and maintenance where you may be able to do the minimum and save yourself some money or time, working on your roof flashing isn't one of them. Flashing should be installed with the utmost of care, and it's worthwhile to invest in high quality materials. Having said all that it may be better to just have it done professionally. These companies have been trained to install flashing in ways that will ensure it is done correctly. Sometimes always trying to do it yourself will just backfire on you. If you do a little math and determine the hours to learn. Buy, install, and assess. Does it offset the cost of a professional company doing the job? You have to make that judgement for yourself of course. Only you can decide the best course to take in regards to your home.

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