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Benefits Of Polished Concrete Finishes Over Other Flooring Options

Flooring options for property owners have come a long way since shaggy carpet. With a growing trend in modern d├ęcor and a simple or industrial style to the building market, polished concrete flooring has grown in popularity. Polished concrete not only looks good but has many benefits in cost effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

Property owners can take advantage of existing materials rather than manufacturing new materials. As such, polished concrete is cuts down on environmental harm from manufacturing plants in their processes of producing new carpets or tiles. Whether the concrete slab in the building is brand new or 50 years old, it can be recycled all the same.

There are no harsh chemicals used in the process of concrete polishing, unlike the manufacture of carpet or linoleum. This alone boosts it eco-friendliness above other flooring options.

Sunlight can be absorbed by concrete and its heat dispersed throughout the slab, helping warm the room. The radiant heat can help reduce fluctuations in energy consumption from heating. Its ability to reflect light can also brighten the spaces polished concrete is used. This can cut down on lighting costs by up to 30%

Polished concrete is also resistant to mould and mildew and will remain allergen free; good news for people who have troubles with recurring allergies or lingering smells from carpeted areas.

Acrylic coated concrete, a process used as a cost effective version of concrete flooring, can last up to 8 years before youll need to maintain it great news for property owners of rentals or properties they lease. However, opt for the slightly higher priced mechanically polished concrete floor and youll have a floor that is guaranteed for its durability for 30 years.

With the ability to be used in any flooring area, polished concrete is maybe the most versatile flooring option. Where wooden floorboards are seldom used in wet areas like bathrooms and toilets, concrete provides a clean and crevice free floor for easy cleaning and will not deteriorate with exposure to water.

Retrofitting your existing property for polished concrete floors is easy and has a fast turnaround time. Unlike other flooring options that require curing time for grout or glues, polished concrete finishes can be used straight away without fear of damage or mess. There are no issues with odour or smell from synthetic liners or from harsh chemical smelling glue and no change of accidentally moving a tile out of alignment because the grout and sealer did not have chance to cure if youve ever had this happen youll know the fix is to rip up the affected area of floor and that can cause further damage and delays.


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