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Different Types Of Painting Services To Choose From

Painting services used to be simple until new materials and painting techniques came out. The aesthetic sense of people has also improved over the years, making painting no longer a maintenance work but an artistic service as well.

To make things easier for you, the nine common types of painting services are explained below.

1.House Painting

This is a general service rendered for painting jobs in any establishments classified as residential. It is a common practice among businesses to separate residential painting from the rest of their painting services because of the more specific requirements usually asked by clients for commercial painting and other specialty services . 2. Commercial Painting

This is essentially the same as above and other general painting services, only it is intended for businesses. It usually comes with a higher price because of the higher-class paintings used (longer lasting and usually odor-free to allow quick resumption of business operation). Many companies also offer 24-7 and graveyard operation only for business clients.

3. Interior Painting

General interior painting services meant for homes are usually cheaper than exterior painting services because of the cleaner and smoother wall surfaces inside homes that make painting easier. The lower price can also be attributed to the easier set-up inside and the average-class paint used (subject to client requests).

4. Exterior Painting

This one is commonly packaged with interior painting services. However, when offered as a stand-alone service, it can be more expensive due to the common client and operational requirements. For instance, scaffolding is usually set up from for residential establishments with multiple floors. The paints used are usually more expensive as well because of weather-restraints and other elemental factors.

5. Cabinet Refinishing

This is considered one of the specialty painting services because of the technical demands of the job. Usually availed of by high-end clients, it includes color restoration and protective coating of classic old woods and rare wood materials. This is an ideal service for themed and antique houses. It is usually partnered with wood staining.

6. Wall Art Designing

Another specialty painting service, this is normally availed of after an interior painting service. Many companies also specialize on wall art designing alone, so you may have to hire two separate contractors. Services under this type include spray painting, mural art, and graffiti making. 7. Roof Coating

Although commonly offered by roofing companies as a miscellaneous service, many painting companies now offer it as a stand-alone service because of the increasing need for roof coating without the need for repair. Some clients need it for aesthetic purposes, but many people are now becoming more particular with their roofing requirements because of weather changes. Some homeowners associations also require their members to have a specific color for their roofs.

8. Texture Coating

Most companies market it as an art/designing service because of the added depth many texture coats can do to homes. This is the one that you should be availing of if you are looking forward to having stuccowork, special troweled texture coating, and elastomeric painting. New techniques used for texture coating include polymer and resins.

9. Period and Heritage Painting

This is usually the most expensive type of painting service because it requires high technical skills in preserving antique and sensitive home materials, many of which date back before the World Wars. Special paints and protective coatings are also used in this service.


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