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First Steps To Take After A Basement Flood

A flooded basement may occur due to many different reasons. It could be because of harsh weather, structural foundation damage to your property, damaged plumbing or even leaking appliances. When you notice you have a flooded basement, the first steps that you take are every important to contain the damage. Here is what you should do first.

Ensure your safety - if you rush into the basement without being careful a lot of harm could come to you. You should check on the level of the water in the basement. If it is high and the water still seems to be coming in then you need to be very careful. You could go in and before you do anything the water has submerged the electrical appliances which can cause electrocution. Ensure that the electricity is cut off at the mains and also check to see there isn't a gas leak. If you are able to walk in the water safely then you can proceed to the next important thing you need to do.

Stop the Source of Water - you should check to see where the water flooding your basement is coming from. Scan the basement quickly to determine where the water is coming in from. If it is because of a reason you cannot stop like harsh weather or a high water table, then you will need to get your valuables, if any, out of the basement to a higher ground. Ensure also that power is off. If it is something that you can stop like a leaking or burst pipe, ensure that the source is stopped immediately.

Rescue What You Can - you should now start rescuing everything that you can from the basement. If it is not raining outside take everything that is not damaged outside. If it is rainy outside you should take the items out of the basement to another room where they will not bring any damage to your house. You might not be able to save everything that is in the basement and some of the items might even be too heavy for you to move so it is important that you have a strategy. Save those items that are very important like documents and title deeds or even money if you have any such items in the basement. Also, you should prioritize the items that will be most expensive to replace like portable electronics, computers, laptops and the like. There might be some items that are valuable in the family that you might not even be able to put a price tag on. Save such items also first before going to the least important to you. This way you will not be very disturbed after the flooding recedes because you know what you will dispose off is either cheap or wasn't that important to you.

Remove the water - with your things in safety you can now be able to remove the standing water in the basement. This process also requires swiftness because the more the water sits there, the bigger the damage you expect on your items and also your basement. Ensure that you remove the water and accelerate the drying process using equipment such as driers and dehumidifiers.

With these steps you can be sure that the flooded basement will not leave you in deep losses.


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