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Hints And Tips On Feng Shui Home Energy Savings

Does arranging the furniture really bring energy to the home? Maybe youve never heard of feng shui for your home, but there are plenty of homeowners that swear by it. Some actually believe that leaving a doorway clear or facing the sitting arrangement in a certain angle will bring fortune and even blessing to a household. Read on to see if you can feng your shui into a blessing or two.

Install energy saving windows in your home. According to HWReplacement Pros ( window replacement will lower your energy bills while keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A not so small side benefit is the increase in the value of your home. We all know that as buyers we love new energy saving amenities. Its even more pleasing to a buy when time is given to select windows that are visually appealing and are an obvious fit to the motif of the home.

Get better karma by only lighting those living areas that are actually occupied for only as long or as short as they are occupied. Install motion detected lighting on outside walkways or inside hallways. The blessing comes in those unintended results of warding off would be intruders approaching your dimly lighted home only to realize their movement has activated enough light to scare them off. See, that feng shui stuff can pack a punch.

Its only practical that a homeowner planning to move soon would not make deep investments in home energy saving devices. Such costly steps would certainly be the wise additions for a longer stay home owner. Repair and upkeep remains the responsibility of an home dweller no matter how long their stay. Feng shui your way through it and determine to save energy during your stay. Good things will follow good actions.

A very practical and low cost project would be to install ceiling fans in place of turning the thermostat lower in an attempt to cool every corner of the home. Circulating the air and keeping a broader area cool with the thermostat saving over all energy costs is just a smart shui to your feng. The installation is easily viewed online and the task is a do-it-yourself weekend project that will payoff before the summer cools down.

Certainly a much deeper commitment that yields quick and long lasting benefits to energy savings and lower electricity bills would be window replacement cost.

You can sway with the shui and have fun with the feng, but at the end of the shui you want more money to save. Just by cleaning your air filters on your climate control system at least every sixty days will accomplish that. Setting your washer to a cold cycle rather than hot; and air drying your dishes rather than heat drying; all of these simple actions will reduce those energy bills for any household.


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