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How A Forced Air Furnace Works

There are a lot of ways to heat a home during the colder months of the year. You can use a fireplace, distribute electric heaters all over the house or use some central means of heat like baseboard heat or a boiler system. But perhaps the best method to use is that of a forced air furnace. There are a lot of advantages to using them for sure. Here are some of the advantages of using a forced air furnace and a little information about how furnace works.

How do They Work?

There are basically two main components that make a forced air furnace work, so to understand how furnace works you will need to know a little bit about both of these.

Heat Component

This is what produces the heat that you want to warm your home. It is usually done using propane, natural gas or oil as the energy source to burn to make the heat. This takes place in what is known as the combustion chamber. Once the combustion is done then it will need the air to pick up the heat and transfer it to the rooms in your home.

Air Component

As was previously mentioned it is air that carries the heat produced by your furnace to where it needs to go in your home. A big fan in the system is what moves the air. In order for the air to move it needs both a source to suck air into the system and a network of ducting throughout your home to get the air to individual rooms.

The air on the intake side actually passes through a filter; this prevents dust, pet dander and other foreign matter from getting into the combustion chamber and causing problems and also tends to make the air in the house a little better to breathe.

The air once sucked into the system goes into the combustion chamber not only to move the heat but it also helps in the combustion process. The fan provides a continual and steady pace of air flow throughout the system.

Of course the actual process is a lot more complicated than this but at least you now have an idea of how furnace works and why.

Benefits of a Forced Air Furnace

Forced air furnaces are the number one type of heating system found in North America and there is a reason for it. They do a great job of filling up rooms completely with heat first of all. They also tend to be more economical to run than electric heat sources. It was already mentioned they help clean the air in your home by filtering the air that passes through them. Forced air heating usually is controlled conveniently from one central location; often times forced air furnace controls are sophisticated enough that they keep the temperature in your home constant and they can be made to let the system come on and off at specific times too.

So now you know how furnace works and why forced air furnaces are so nice to own.


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