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How To Have An Ant-free Home

Ant Control can be a tedious task as ants are tiny social insects that live in colonies meaning they can get into your home using any tiny opening or cracks and are among the most common pests encountered in homes. Permanently exterminating ants requires knowledge of ant behaviors and patterns. Besides being annoying ants contaminate food and damage property especially since they hollow out wood so as to build colonies and nest. The major mistake people make is trying to only get rid of the visible ants instead of the colony as a whole, ant control is about locating the colony and destroying it. The most efficient way to find the colony is to follow the trail to where the ants carry the food. Identifying the colony may be tricky depending on whether the colony is inside or outside the house however this is the most effective method of ant control. If it is inside the house the colony will probably be behind the small spaces behind walls or cabinets.Once you identify the trail you can use Borax and powdered sugar to act as bait. The ants will transport the Borax and sugar to the colony as they will be unable to tell the difference and eventually the colony will die off. This is one of the most effective ways ant control techniques to get rid of the colony.

Ants leave an invisible scented chemical trail that contains pheromones which makes it easier for other ants to follow in search of food from the colony making ant control quite frustrating. In order to prevent this scented chemical trail you can use white vinegar as ant control .this disrupts the scent making it harder for the ants to find the food trail and the nest. You can also use essential oils such as peppermint oil as it has a strong scent and this prevents ants from entering. Drawing a line with sidewalk chalk around where the ants are entering also helps as there are minerals in the chalk that actually kill the ants. Cinnamon also assists in ant prevention due to it's strong smell which also affects the scented chemical trail. If this home remedies do not work out for ant control you can eliminate the nest by spraying it with pesticides such as carbaryl(Sevin) or a pesticide of your choice. If this does not work as well you may call a professional to help with the ant control.


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