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How Your Family And Finances Benefit From An Annual Furnace Checkup

It is an understatement if you say you love winter amidst the frequent shoveling, slippery walkways, and frozen car batteries. Your home become your haven from the harsh elements along with your heated furnace that makes you feel safe and warm.

It is imperative to ensure that your furnace is in excellent condition even before the snow starts falling, or the temperature begins to drop so that you will survive the winter season without a glitch. In reality, an annual furnace checkup from a certified HVAC expert is highly recommended as part of your routine before the cold season sets in.


First and foremost, a yearly checkup is mandatory to ensure that your furnace is working and in excellent condition even though most people will only turn it on once it gets really cold outside. So if you did not make an effort to have your unit checked, you are in for a surprise once you turn it on, and it does not work. It will be a bit uncomfortable in your home without heat as you wait for the arrival of the technician, who also needs to attend to a long line of customers who also require his help and attention.

You can also be assured that it is safe to operate your furnace if it gets its yearly inspection. It is a known fact that some units emit carbon monoxide when its starts to malfunction, and inhaling this dangerous gas is detrimental to your health. You do not want you and your family to suffer once this odorless toxin permeates the duct system in your home. Therefore, scheduling a checkup will ease all your worries and let you enjoy the cold season in relative warmth.

Another advantage of the yearly checkup is to ensure that your unit runs as efficiently as possible. Although there are some homeowners, who risk not having a professional check the condition of their unit because they do not want to shell out money for their visit. However, you can try to look at it in a different light and consider the technicians fee a small investment. Youd be able to lower your utility bills and make sure that your furnace will serve you longer.


To compensate for malfunctioning parts, it is unavoidable that the well-functioning parts will feel the extra strain, which speeds the usual wear and tear. This often happens in furnaces that miss the annual inspection. During the inspection, the technician clears and troubleshoots specific parts of the unit to ensure that they run to its fullest capacity such as to:

- Inspect the filters, vents and the heat exchanger.

- Lubricate all the bearings of the blower, as well as the motor, to ensure that it wont break down in the dead of winter.

- Ensure the pilot light works.

- Clean out the dust and debris around the motor, burners, and the interior of the blower compartment.

- Test the thermostat whether they work as programmed.

- Check whether all the safety equipment are workings as designed, like the pilot light, limit controls, and pressure switches.

- Clean the flue and make sure that it opens as it must.

- Inspect other gas appliances like the water heaters, dryers, and stoves.

Many HVAC companies incorporate a yearly unit checkup as part of the furnace purchase. However, even if you have to pay for the annual checkup, it is strongly encouraged that you do it. In the end, your familys safety and comfort are of utmost importance.


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