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Reputable Post-construction Cleaning Service

Are you building or remodeling your home or commercial property? If so; you are likely to have a lot of debris and garbage hanging around after construction. Instead of spending several stressful hours and too much effort cleaning it up, get the professionals involved! We are your ideal cleaning partners that guarantee you exceptional services, adherence to deadlines and detailed cleaning from top to bottom.

Even before the dust settles our cleaning service will rush in to ensure your property is expertly cleaned, organized and thoroughly sanitized.

Why Choose Us?

· With our services you can be confident knowing that our cleaning experts will thoroughly deep clean your home from the top to bottom. From scrubbing floors using eco-friendly cleaning supplies to cleaning using the latest state-of-the-art equipment all our customers are guaranteed a sparkling clean space that you can be proud to show off to family, friends and business partners.

· Our team is proud to provide excellent cleaning services that are not only highly effective but also do not harm your environment. We are among the few revolutionary cleaning companies that insist on using cleaning supplies that are environmentally-responsible.

· Our extensive experience helps us understand the urgency and necessity of having a property cleaned thoroughly before occupancy. You can be assured that our committed, knowledgeable and experienced cleaning experts will play close attention to detail and clean areas that others would miss.

· We carefully screen all our workers to ensure the person who ends up cleaning your property is experienced and knowledgeable about cleaning, trustworthy and detail oriented.

We are the reliable cleaning partner who will ensure your post-- construction site is sparkling clean and thoroughly sanitized to ensure it is clean enough to occupy.

Some of the post-construction service we offer include:

Debris and garbage removal

This is the first step we begin with even before the actual cleaning. We ensure there is no garbage and debris left hanging around both inside buildings and outside. We try our level best to ensure your property no longer looks like a construction site.

Cleaning lights and light switches

We have stain removing supplies and creatively designed cleaning tools that ensure lights and light-switches are clean, stain free and not overly harsh.

Spot cleaning Walls

All walls will be left perfectly clean but be assured that it will not erode paint or damage the wall in any way.

Spot cleaning interior glass

If your property has many glass accessories or has a glass wall you have to ensure the glass is dusted, wiped, dis-infected, cleaned and then dried.

Vacuum cleaning and sanitizing of carpets

We have highly-functional vacuum cleaners that are operated by experienced cleaners. We aim at ensuring your property is completely fresh and dust free.

Damp cleaning and sanitizing of all restroom fixtures

We recognize the importance of ensuring that the bathroom area is clean and sanitized thoroughly to get rid of bacteria and germ by creating a non-bacterial friendly environment.

Damp Mopping hard-surface floors

Whether your floor has solid hardwood flooring or hardwood engineered flooring we have got you covered. Our team not only damp-mobs hard surface floors but also ensures that the hard surface floors are shiny and germ free.

If you are in the market for a post-construction cleaning service that is committed and detail-oriented then we are your ideal choice.


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