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The Main Types Of Home Heating Systems

Over the years a lot of different types of home heating systems have been developed. What is seen in a particular home may be what is trendy in an area or what takes advantage of the fuel the system burns or uses to get heat. Here are a few examples of the main types of home heating systems.

Forced Air Gas and Oil

This is among the most popular type of home heating systems found in North America. They use gas or oil to produce heat and it is then distributed to where it needs to go by means of air being blown throughout the ductwork in a residence.

Hydronic Heating

This is the type of heating that uses a heat source to heat up water or another fluid that then passes through pipes in your floor, walls or other places until it gets to a point where that heat is released. The water or fluid in the system does not make up the source of the heat or its delivery system; it is merely the means with which the heat is conveyed to its destination point. Once the heated water or fluid gets to its final destination it will then be released by what is called a heat emitter such as a radiator or baseboard heaters.This is a type of home heating system that is very popular in Canada and Europe. It is also sometimes referred to as a Boiler System.

Solar Heating

This type of heating is actually a close cousin of hydronic heating except it uses natural heat from the suns rays instead of another combustion type heat source. The heat this system produces is also brought from the source and distributed throughout a residence by means of circulating water. This is one of the least expensive and most environmentally friendly ways to heat a home.

Geothermal Heating

Many people do not realize that there is a lot of heat that naturally occurs in the ground beneath their home; enough to heat an entire home and its hot water as a matter of fact. This method of heat works by circulating water through underground pipes and then back into the home where it then dispersed by heat emitters into individual rooms. This type of heating has a very high initial cost but it costs very little to use after that initial expense and it is very environmentally friendly.

Wood Stoves

Since the beginning of mans existence wood has been used throughout the ages for heat and it makes an excellent low cost heating source for a home. It can be done simply by placing wood in a vented stove or by a more effective means such as placing it in a wood stove that has forced air and ductwork to take the heat that is produced by the system to where it needs to go.

There are a lot of factors that will decide what home heating method a person uses as their choice for home heating systems; it all depends on such things as the cost of the system, the availability of the chosen heat source and what products are available where a person lives. Whatever a persons individual situation they should have no problem choosing from home heating systems that will meet their individual needs.


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