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The ten things to clean before the holidays

The holidays will soon be upon us and with it the arrival of guests and yet our home still looks like a birds nest. Concentrating on certain areas will make the home look like new.

Guest bedroom Making sure that the guests are greeted with fresh sheets and making them feel that they are in a home away from home. The very same goes for the old pillows cases and comforter. New ones should be brought displacing the old ones.


Old papers, magazines or such other old clutter should be cluttered or stored away. The flat surfaces like kitchen counters, table tops needs to be cleaned plus the floor should be rid of excess clutter.


Having a house full of children is a sure sign of piling things such as toys and various other playthings. They need to be stored in shelves so as not to clutter the living room as well as the guest rooms.


Closets should be available so that the guests can store all of their clothing plus their coats and luggage. However, anything unnecessary should be thrown out.


Removing any unnecessary items from the bathroom is a big must plus the sink needs to be wiped and the toilet should be cleaned along with cleaning the mirrored surfaces and placing new towels on the racks and replenishing the toilet paper and hand soap.


Stocking the kitchen with clean utensils is a big must as guests tends to gather in the kitchen. The countertops need to be wiped down, and if so, a lemon/water mixture can be used.


The surfaces of any rooms should be dusted, swept and vacuumed so as to grab dust from any visible surfaces, which in turn will make the rooms dust free.


Cleaning the coffeemaker will enable us to serve the freshest coffee. Running vinegar through the coffeemaker with one brew cycle plus followed by two water cycles will enable the coffeemaker to be ready to brew fresh coffee.


The refrigerator also needs to have a makeover. Tossing out any expired items or of questionable age plus washing off the shelves, drawers and doors is a must along with dusting and vacuuming the condenser coil.

The entry hall

Since the entryway will be getting a lot of action, we need to get rid of leftover mail plus sweeping the front steps along with raking leaves from the front lawn with hanging a festive wreath on the door to welcome the guests.


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