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Top Risks Of Using Air Conditioners

It is a fact of life that air conditioners can have adverse effects on us and especially if we are exposed to their regulated temperatures for a long time. An air conditioning unit is used for many reasons of which the major one is to cool the temperature in an establishment. Whether they are used for domestic purposes or commercially, the effects of air conditioning are adverse and must be addressed if one hopes to prevent some of the issues. Proper use of an air conditioner is still not enough as a person within the room will still be affected.

The first risk we can look at is one associated with continuous exposure to an plumbing that has been set too low on the temperature. We agree that it becomes an issue to concentrate when the temperature in a room is high but do you know that the cold temperature is very harmful to your respiratory system? As you breathe in the cold air, the risk of you getting an infection of the respiratory system is very high. You could end up developing chest pains and in the worst case scenario, you could get pneumonia. You could end up getting a cold as we all know that cold temperatures arent good for you and especially if you are exposed to it for long.

As the air in the room becomes circulated, the risk of getting sick increases with the use of an air conditioner. When working, an air conditioner circulates the air in a place in order to either cool or heat it. Airborne disease-causing viruses will be distributed very easily in a room that has an air conditioning unit. If your colleague has a cold and they are sat in one corner, the risk of you getting the cold increases the more the air conditioner works.

Air conditioners sap all the humidity in the air and this means that over time, you will notice that your nose and eye are very dry and also that your skin is not faring on well. Air conditioners prove to be a risk when it comes to the state of your skin and mucous membranes. When your eyes get dry, you will start struggling to see and read and the same holds true when your nose becomes dry. Breathing becomes uncomfortable. To prevent such a situation, it is recommended that you stop the use of an air conditioner or that you do not leave it on for a long time.

Diseases like pharyngitis are caused by the continuous exposure to air conditioners. Other issues like a sore throat, chronic rhinitis, and throat irritation have been reported by people who have been exposed to an air conditioner. As you can see, the use of an air conditioner poses a great threat to your health and the health of those who are around you. Care must be taken when an AC is being used as the negative effects of their use will only worsen.


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