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Underground Pet Fence

A fence that a lot of pet owners are using for their pets in an underground fence. This fence is made of a buried wire in the ground around the owners property and there is a transmitter box that isnt far from it, this box is normally in a basement or garage. The transmitter is used to send a signal through the wire which then creates a static field that causes a special collar that the dog wears to activate. If the dog comes close to the wire, the collar will beep and if the dog keeps going and ignores the beep then the dog will feel the static when it enters the field. Many people think of this fence as giving your pet an electrical shock but it is actually the equivalent to when we walk across the carpet and get a shock.

There are several advantages for getting an underground pet fence. The fence will go all around the property so your fur baby will not be able to poke any holes in your yard or under fences. The cost for this fence is normally half the cost that a traditional fence costs. A convenience to having this fence is that the equipment is portable so, it can go where you can and you only have to buy it once. If you move and take your equipment with you, you will only have to pay for installing new wire. If you have a home and you decide to leave the equipment in the home when you are selling it then this can be added to the value of your home. It can only be an asset to your home.

Wire is how the area is controlled and it is possible to have several areas where there may be some wire and others where you may not want the wire to be; it is up to you. The underground fence not only keeps your dog from leaving your yard it can also be used to keep your dog out of your plants, garden, childrens area, pool or any other place that you may not want your animal to go. Whomever installs the pet fence can also install a gate by twisting the wires and you can have an area where your pet is able to travel through like, from the front yard to the backyard. This fence will not cause any damage to the landscaping of your home which is a plus.

Underground fencing can be used with your traditional fence repair and is normally installed inside the line of the fence which is how boundaries are set and it helps keep your pet from getting out. Six feet is how far the static field reaches in every direction so, if this is paired with a traditional fence, your pet would need to keep a distance of at least 4 feet away from the fence.

This fence is not for everyone but for those that dont mind the thought of a static field keeping your dog within its perimeter then this may be something for you to look into.


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