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When Do You Need To Hire A Plumber?

DIY is a homeowner trend that simply refuses to die. Whether its redoing your own walls, moving the upright piano to the other side of the living room, or fixing the faucet when it leaks, we take a certain pride in getting our hands dirty. Its pretty much the same rush men get when they fix the engine of their cars; the victorys just much more satisfying when we know we did it ourselves.

However, everyone meets their match sooner or later. No matter how earnest our intentions, there will come a time when we wont know jack about the situation, much less how to fix it. When this happens, theres no shame in having a little humility, stepping aside, and letting the professionals handle it.

On that note, here are some plumbing disasters that definitely require you to get up, grab your phone, and call the local plumber. It is important to hire in professional plumbing contractors like plumber Guildford to get the problems fixed quickly.

SITUATION #1: The Toilets Clogged, The Plunger Isnt Working, And Your Bathroom Is In Very Real Danger Of Being Flooded

Aside from standard human waste, a typical household toilet has to contend with so much miscellaneous junk getting shoved down its drain. Little plastic toys, sanitary napkins, wads of wet tissue, and who-knows-what-else get flushed down the toilet on a daily basis. Ergo, its no wonder they get clogged.

In similar scenarios, its better to call a plumber right away instead of trying to use a plunger on problem. In fact, taking a plunger to a clogged toilet might actually make it worse. The plunger could end up pushing the debris so far into the waste line; it gets stuck.

SITUATION #2: Your Bathtub Wont Drain Properly, And Youre Left Standing In A Puddle Of Water

The thing with leaving drains clogged is that theyll only worsen over time. Some people think that running water continuously down the drain will help clear it up. While it might get rid of recent loose solids like soap residue or a bit of dirt, running water wont actually do anything. The grime and residue that get left behind on the insides of the drain pipe tend to cling together and solidify, much like cement.

Acid-based drain cleaners can often do the trick here, but youll want to call in a plumber and get his expert opinion before pouring, even more, stuff down the drain.

SITUATION #3: Your Faucet Keeps Dripping Even After Youve Tightened The Pipes

While everyone has lived with a dripping faucet at one point in their lives, its not an acceptable plumbing situation. A couple drips a minute may not seem like much, but when you tally up how much water is wasted, youll be scrambling to call a plumber. According to calculations, one drip per second can lead up 3,000 gallons of water a year and thats just for one faucet.

Imagine if you had two in your house just dripping away.


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