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How To Unclog A Drain

Heed the following suggestions on how to clear a clogged drain and avoid buildup of more clogs. It does not matter if it is your sink, toilet, or bathtub, a clogged drain not only slows down your dirty water, it is a big nuisance. Following are suggestions on how to clear existing clogs and prevent further clogs:

Home Solutions for Unclogging Drains

Even if a lot of stores sell various chemicals to help clear a clogged drain, these items are harsh and can damage your pipes. Most of the time, these items only move the clog down the drain, resulting in an even bigger backup later on.

When facing clog issues, give the following home solutions a shot first:

Pour some boiling water down your drain.

Pour a combination of vinegar and baking soda down your clogged drain. Let this mixture foam up for several minutes and then pour boiling water right after.

Use a closet auger. This one is a smaller variety of drain snake. It is a lengthy and thin tube that usually has bristles or a hook on one end. Put it down the drain. The bristles or the hook at the end will grab and take the clog along with it.

Utilize the right kind of plunger to do the job. If your tub or sink dont come with a standing water source, put some in to allow a better suction for the plunger.

Kinds of Clogs

1. Bathroom Clogs. The buildup of soap residue and hair clogs shower drains and sinks. Other culprits include the flushing of feminine hygiene items, paper towels, or even your childrens bathroom toys.

2. Kitchen Clogs. The buildup of grease, food particles, and dirt is another cause of clogged drains for your kitchen sink. Make sure that you use your garbage disposal to grind up food and keep a handy small sink plunger nearby.

3. Washing Machine Clogs. Rocks, coins, fiber from clothing, and safety pins or buttons can clog the drain of your washing machine. Utilize an enzyme drain cleaner to remove the clog without causing any lasting damage to your pipes.

4. Main Drain Clogs. A clog in your main drain is probably the reason your drains have backup water issues. The buildup of items or the presence of tree roots can clog the drains inside your home.

Preventing a Clogged Drain

Keeping your drain free of clogs does not require amazing plumbing skills. The following are simple ways to keep a clog-free drain:

1. Put food and hair catchers on top of your drains, or strainers, to prevent these things from getting into your drainage pipes.

2. Pour hot water down your drain after using it every single time. Hot water can wash away any possible buildup and let it flow down the drain, rather than allowing it to stick to the sides of your pipes.

3. Put some baking soda down the drain and pour hot water right after. Baking soda is an effective natural cleaner and can also get rid of smelly odors. Another amazing natural cleaner for your drain is vinegar.

Remove your Pipe or Ask for Help

If nothing works, it might be necessary to remove the pipe and manually take out the clog. Clogs often get stuck in the P-trap, the U-shaped portion of your drain. It typically has a nut on both ends that you can easily twist off. But if your home has metal pipes, you might require a channel lock or a big adjustable wrench. Furthermore, ensure that you put a bucket below the P-trap prior to its removal. If you are dealing with a very big clog or the problem is simply beyond your aspiring plumbing knowledge and skills, dont think twice about asking for the services of an expert plumber.

Sewer And Drain Cleaning Through High-pressure Jetting Services

You sewer and drain can spell a convenient or troublesome home. The sad thing about sewer and drain issues is that you only find out about them when it is too late. Moreover, such problems are often tedious, pricey and involve a lot of dirt. When it comes to sewer and drain cleaning, it is a good thing that some companies now offers High-Pressure Jet Setting Services as an alternative to the typical drain snaking or augering technology.

The usual sewer and drain cleaning/ snaking technology involves a motor that spins a steel cable and has a cutting head connected at its tip. You need to feed this cable into the pipe, and it is capable of cutting, chewing or mashing everything that comes into contact with it. All of us are benefiting from this technology since it was first invented back in 1933 and has been the primary method of cleaning drains and pipes.

A lot of plumbers nowadays still utilize the conventional method of sewer and drain cleaning, which is using the drain snaking style kind of tool. But a high-pressure jetting service provides a secondary solution and a more advanced technology than what a conventional drain snaking can do during sewer and drain cleaning. A lot of times, a combination of both kinds of tools can offer you an excellent solution to clear up pipes that are clogged or infested by roots.

When it comes to effectiveness, you can say that a drain snaking tool is handy in letting the pipe drain effectively by clearing a clogged pipe or blocked drain. But now, when it comes to thoroughly cleaning the pipe and coming up with a long-term solution, the effective end nozzle of a high-pressure jetter is an efficient tool in getting rid of tree roots and similar growths that can grow along the line of the pipe.

Nowadays, high pressure jetting is becoming the fad in getting back your water flow. It does not only get rid of the clog but likewise washes away all of the debris that has accumulated within the pipe. Water delivered in a very high pressure is powerful enough to get rid of clog faster and will not require so much effort rather than when you utilize a cable machine or a mechanical rodding. Such units can maintain continuous cleaning power due to its high working pressure coming from the end of the nozzle.

If you take a closer look at mechanical tools, they lose torque and cutting power as the cable or rod goes farther within the pipeline from its point of entry. Now, high pressure jetting has another edge over rodding or cable equipment. When it is difficult to access pipes, a lightweight and flexible jet hose is a more practical and safer alternative. Pipelines that are hanging on catwalks or ceilings can be easily cleaned with a high pressure jetting hose, instead of bulky and unwieldy mechanical sewer and drain cleaning tools. It is now more accessible to clean vertical stacks or even vents with the use of this handy and lightweight tool than having to lift heavy sewer and drain cleaning rods or cables.

For the past seven decades, contractors installed sewer and drain pipelines with little or no care to its maintenance. Now, the bury and forget mindset along with the out of sight, out of mind concept has triggered the burgeoning growth of the industry focused on its maintenance and rehabilitation. High-pressure jetters found a big market with the rise in collection system integrity and other environmental concerns and wastewater collection systems inspection. Another recognized SOP when it comes to determining pipeline structural integrity is carried out by doing sewer and drain cleaning services before a televised inspection (CCTV) using high-pressure jetters. CCTV inspection and cleaning of pipes below the buildings as well as laterals is another growing major market and is most in-demand during property transfers. Now, homeowners have another option on how to carry out sewer and drain cleaning apart from the conventional way of doing things.

Warning Signs That Your Boiler Needs To Be Replaced

In order to achieve a healthy home environment, one of the most important things that you need to do is to learn as much as you can about what it takes to keep your heating system running efficiently and safely. Despite having your boiler serviced regularly, its still possible for it to develop problems, which is something that is quite common for old boilers. Its best to have a boiler that is keeping your home warm and comfortable, especially during the winter season, without having to worry about spending too much on your energy bills, and most importantly, your familys safety.

When it comes to household equipments, its very important to be aware about the warning signs when these need to be fixed, and when these are showing signs that it may be the right time for any of these to be replaced.

The boiler is one of the most expensive and important equipments in your home. So its really helpful for you to learn about some of the factors that may indicate that there may be something wrong with your boiler, and most importantly, when its time that you may be needing to have a boiler replacement. Its always a good idea to put this on top of your priority list, otherwise, you may end up having to deal with major problems, and put your home and family at risk. Here are some tips to help you determine when you may need to call an expert to have your boiler serviced or replaced.

Do you hear a hissing noise or any sound that is strange coming from your boiler? An unfamiliar sound may be a warning sign that somethings wrong. Its possible that a particular part of your heating unit isnt functioning properly. Its best to report this immediately to a boiler repair expert. If left unattended, a small problem can easily get worse, which may cause your boiler to overheat or even completely shut down.

Do you have increased energy bills? Its true that the energy cost is getting higher. However, another potential contributing factor to high energy bills could be your old boiler. Most old boilers, especially those that arent serviced regularly or arent properly maintained, may no longer run efficiently. This can certainly cause an increase in your energy bills. In this case, it can be a good idea to look for a boiler replacement Sheffield company that offer energy-efficient boilers, and are known for providing excellent boiler installation services as well.

Understand that the key to helping you make a wise decision when it comes to having your boiler replaced is to keep yourself knowledgeable. Continue to learn more about the different boiler problems that you may encounter, and what you can do about it. Also, remember that its always useful to seek help from a qualified heating engineer.