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Top Ten Practical Uses For A Conservatory

Conservatories and greenhouses used to be interchangeable terms, with the single function of being a refuge for plants against extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, because of technological advances leading to more affordable indoor climate control, conservatories are no longer out of reach for the average household. If you still havent made up your mind about adding a conservatory, here are the top ten practical uses that might just change your mind:

  1. Office or Library because conservatories are made up mostly out of transparent material, theyre the most well-lit places during the day up until the early afternoon. With an intense, natural light source beaming down from the ceiling, you not only get a beautiful view of the sky and your surroundings, but you also get a good dose of vitamin D.
  2. Indoor Garden conservatories were originally created to keep plants happy and healthy while keeping away uninvited rodents and other animals that munch away all of your precious plants if left outdoors. By keeping plants in your conservatory, you get the fresh air and beauty that plants offer without attracting pests common to the outdoors.
  3. Gym by working out exposed to the rays of the sun, you help your body release more serotonin, which boosts your mood and keeps you energetic all throughout the day. Combine this with the endorphin-boosting capability of exercise, and youve got yourself a natural mood and energy boosting routine.
  4. Sun room in some countries where sunlight isnt a common sight, its appearance can come with a little drizzle of rain or pelt of snow, which makes it impossible to read a book or share a meal with friends outdoors. Fortunately, sunrooms provide a sanctuary from rain drops, snowflakes, and other elements that would prevent you from enjoying the sight of the sun.
  5. Dining room by starting your day with a healthy dose of sunlight, even the most reclusive night owls get a chance to enjoy a meal with a friend or a family member.
  6. Indoor Planetarium a lot of people associate conservatories with daylight activities, but at night, conservatories can actually act like a planetarium, letting you see the mystical nighttime sky without being a sitting duck to mosquitoes, badgers, etc.
  7. Bedroom artificial light has made it harder for people to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. The pineal glands, which are in charge of producing melatonin that helps people sleep only work in the dark, whereas serotonin, which helps your body perk up is produced when the body is exposed to sunlight. By letting the moon and the sun tell you when to sleep and wake up, you get much more energy out of the day and much more rest out of the night.
  8. Living room the beauty of having a conservatory as your living room is that you can put in a lot of light-loving plants. Some people also add reef or planted aquariums, as natural sunlight gives the corals and plants enough energy to grow and thrive without needing expensive, artificial light.
  9. Kitchen having a kitchen in a conservatory not only allows you to cook meals with a clear view of nature, but you can also grow several types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits that you can readily pick for whatever dish you want to make.
  10. Indoor pool or hot tub the great thing about having a pool or hot tub inside a conservatory is that heavy rain or snow wont ruin the fun. With the appropriate heating or cooling devices, you can produce the perfect climate for indoor swimming without blocking the sun.