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Broken Garage Doors: What To Do When Dealing With A Broken Garage Door In The New Home

Its great to move into a new home that has a garage. A handyman can set up a small workshop or even a storage warehouse. But upon closer inspection, it seems the garage door wont open and there are broken bits of it. Its a bit alarming and can actually make the house and its occupants vulnerable to pests such as raccoons and skunks or even break-ins.

The first initiative is to find out what is causing the garage door to malfunction and what can be done.

There are two types of garage doors. The first one is the manual door, which by definition, can be opened by simply using ones hands. The second one is the automatic door, which can be opened by an electric motor or remote controller. Once that is tackled, it is imperative to find out if this was an existing problem or if it just happened at that particular moment.

The most common causes of broken garage doors are often attributed to the hinges and mechanisms. More often than not, a garage doors spring may snap due to the weight of the door its supporting or if its rollers have worn out due to its constant use. Many manufacturers and installers often suggest that owners follow the instructions included in the hinges packaging as most of them have tips and indicators on how to tell whether it is destroyed or not.

Another factor could be because of the door itself. More often than not, homeowners choose materials without taking into consideration its pros and cons. For example, some owners may choose to have a solid hardwood door because it is pleasing to look at. However, solid hardwood is quite heavy and there is no guarantee that it can be fully supported by its hinges, thus making the door quite heavy to lift. The lack of personal maintenance may also be attributed to the doors poor upkeep. Many homeowners forget that the garage door is still a means of entrance to the house and as such, it must be well maintained in order to protect the houses interior and its occupants.

Based on the following facts, its best to take down notes and observe what is causing the garage door to malfunction. Then, when one is sure, contact a certified garage door expert. These professionals have been in the business of garage doors and are good at residential repairs of garage door as well as its maintenance tips. The most important thing is that if one moves to a new home and there is a minor problem, its best to detect it now before it is too late.