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Energy Efficient Window Coverings: Curtains Vs Blinds

Were all looking to save money, and choosing a smart window covering is one of the easiest ways to do so. You probably already have some type of window covering, but is it making your home more energy efficient? Todays curtains, drapes, blinds and awnings are more than just decorative; this industry is always enhancing their products in order to boast the highest energy efficiency, which is really a win-win. Every home and every climate are different, so some scenarios may call for curtains while others call for blinds. Regardless of style, all window coverings are only effective when theyre closed up tight.

Thermal backed curtains are commonly thought to be the most energy efficient type of window covering. Theyre very thick and contain multiple layers of polyester fiber, a vapor barrier, the outer fabric, and a fabric liner. The key, however, is to install them properly. Thermal curtains (as well as all other types) function to their highest potential when a seal is made. Be sure to close off at all sides; consider installing a cornice at the top, adhering them to the walls at the sides, and having them long enough to rest on the floor or windowsill. These curtains will give you the best insulation and control over the temperature of the room.

Vertical blinds are your next best option for window energy efficiency, and adhere to many of the same principles. Aim to hang your blinds as close to the window as possible, and ensure its a snug fit on the sides. Full window coverage is important to the functionality of blinds. The material, however, is what will make the most difference in efficiency. Theyre a bit pricier, but opt for thicker vinyl or wood blinds as opposed to flimsier metal or plastic to give your space better insulation. A new fashion trend in vertical blinds is the honeycomb style, which is a popular choice for energy efficiency and works by trapping air in its internal (honeycomb-shaped, of course) cells.

Another trendy blind on the rise is the plantation shutter, which is more or less a pretty decorative shutter for the interior side of the window. Fortunately, theyre also functional and have a fairly high energy efficiency rating. Theyre fitted very close to the window and are able to be closed a bit tighter than standard vertical blinds. You can expect to pay a bit more for this style of window covering, as its visually appealing, energy efficient, and fairly popular.

You may have seen this coming: maximum efficiency can be achieved by combing both drapes and blinds and following the above principles for good insulation. Matching good, thick drapes with a honeycomb shade is not only an attractive combination, but itll also save you money on your electricity bill. If youre not sure what type of energy efficient window covering will work best for your home, reach out to an expert. There are tons of blind, drapery, and insulation professionals out there who can help you find that perfect balance of aesthetic and efficiency.

Re-model Your Kitchen

What part of the house is more fun to remodel than your kitchen? After all this is a room you walk into every day. Even if you do not cook you go in and get a glass of water or milk. This is where you sit every morning as you make your coffee! This room deserves to be upgraded at least once while you live in your house.

There are several options on how to remodel your kitchen but the simplest to switch up the windows. You can do this by adding window treatments. Plantation shutters are a great choice as they can raise the value of your home. They often remain with the home after it has been sold. Our best bet is on using shutters and we have a list of the different styles you can choose to do below.

1. Double hung shutters. These will give an old house feeling where a pie would be placed on the sill to cool off. It is practical and still allows ventilation. A divider rail will separate control of the top and bottom louvers. This comes in handy if you need to let in light or fresh air but want some slight privacy by not opening the bottom part.

You could also purchase a half shutter and leave the top as a window. It would add a fun twist to the kitchen. Half shutters however could end up being just as expensive because they are hard to come by.

It can also cover the top part like a valiance. This shutter will only partially cover the top of the window. There will still be sufficient amount of sunlight coming in. More often than not people go for the b-fold or window like shutters for their kitchen. Since most kitchen windows are just above the sink it helps to look out while doing dishes or let in extra fresh air.

2. Custom made or pre-made. Before buying any shutters to use as window treatments consider if they are custom made or the company will come with pre-made ones. These forms are often cut to fit your window. One would say a custom made one is the better option. It will fit perfectly onto your window. This gives you a chance to customize the position of other parts such as the divider to better fit your kitchen.

3. Size of the louver. The size of the louver will determine the amount of light that will be coming through your windows. You can make them 3 1/2 inches for a wide angle and more sunlight. You can also reduce it to 2 1/2 inches for a more standard look.

By adding window treatments, you increase the aesthetic value of the home. Window shutters are especially valuable due to their durability and you can even use them as a key selling point should you decide to move on to another home.More about window treatments here

Tips I Wish I Knew Before Installing Wood Shutters

Installing wood shutters can be a tricky process. And if you have ever done it before, then you know how careful you will have to be. A shutter when it is carefully and properly installed can make your hope look very good. If you want to achieve a good-looking appearance for any of your window shutters, you will have to install them on properly. You do not have to be an expert to install window shutters. You only need to remember a few tips on how to do so and to also read the guides for installation of do-it-yourself shutters. And to do that, you will have to follow these tips for installing and fitting new wooden shutters in your home.

1. Plan ahead when installing window shutters. Try to plan carefully ahead when you are installing wooden shutters. Pick out the styles of shutters that you wish to have in your home. And you must also have the decided on which windows to put shutters in as well.

2. Always get the measurements of your shutters right. The fit of the shutters will have to be perfect, especially if you want them to open and close properly. So always try to get the measurements of your windows as right as you can.

3. Choose the kind of mount for your shutters. There are multiple kinds of ways that you can attach shutters to your windows. There are shutters that you can mount on the interior or exterior of your home. So, choose the type of shutter mount that is most convenient for you.

4. Be ready with a power drill or hammer. Always have all of the tools and materials that you will need. Most of the time, do it yourself wood shutters will already come with the screws. So, all that you need to have ready, are a power drill and hammer.

5. Go slowly when installing shutters Do not rush installing a shutter. Wood shutters have to be slowly installed to ensure that they fit the whole window properly.

6. When installing multiple sections of shutters do it progressively. For any kind of multi-sectioned shutter, you will have to install it one by one. Be careful to make sure that all of the sections of the shutters fit by opening and closing each one.

7. Affix screws or nails one at a time By affixing screws one at a time, you are able to remove any of them quickly if you want to change their positions. If for example, you incorrectly measured the frame, you can just remove one screw to fix your mistake.

Be sure to keep in mind all of this tip if you want to properly and easily install any wood shutters in your own home. You can easily avoid making any kind of mistake when installing shutters if you are just careful to follow all of these tips. The best kinds of shutters are the ones that are installed the right way. And you can install your shutters the right way if you go about and follow all of these tips.Follow this for more reading go toativan learning

What Are The Best Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

Home owners frequently dress their windows to add beauty or style to a room. They miss out how a pair of striped drapes, or stunning Roman shades can serve a purpose, and not just for beauty. With the proper placement and the correct materials, window treatments can reduce your monthly utility bills, and the impact may be significant. Just a simple set of drapes that has white plastic backing can reduce heat gain by up to 33%.

When the summer rolls in, forget blasting the AC, and as winter is welcomed thereâs no need to crank the heating up high. Instead, explore some of the best energy efficient window treatments available.

The Department of Energy considers window shades to be the most simple and effective way to save energy. The key is proper installation. Shades should be mounted as close to the window as possible to ensure that a tight seal is created, which minimizes both heat loss and gain. Shades with multiple layers (with a dark color on one side and light on the other) offer the most functionality. You can reverse the shades with the season changes, the light side offering heat reflection, and the dark side absorbing the heat in the winter months.

Depending on the color and the fabric weight of drapery, it can help protect from heat loss during the winter months, while insulating your home from heat during the summer. For maximum performance, a tight seal is a must. To get the best results, hang the drapes from the cornice, positioning them as tightly against the window as possible.

There are also a variety of shades and blinds which make excellent choices for reducing utility bills. They come in a variety of designs, patterns, colors, and more.

Awnings create a unique personality to any homeâs exterior, while creating an outstanding defense against the sun in areas experiencing hot weather. For south facing windows, awning reduce heat gain by as much as 65%, and 77% for those windows facing west. There are features that will improve the performance of your awning, too. Tightly woven and opaque materials do a better job at blocking out the sun than flimsier fabrics. You should also allow openings for ventilation, as awnings ten to trap hot air.

Roof overhangs are similar to awnings, but if designed correctly, the overhang will allow heat in during the winter months and block it out during summer.

If you live in an area that experienced short winters, then high reflectivity film might be for you. It reduces heat gain during the full year. While a transparent film may be more aesthetically pleasing, a mirror-like, silver film will work more efficiently. Itâs ideal for rooms with large windows, or on a garage.

Mesh window screens work by diffusing solar radiation, thus reducing heat gain. The perfect mount is to the frameâs exterior, covering the full window.

The Correlation Between Interior Shutters And Home Value

People all over try their hardest to make changes to their home that will add value. With that being said, some of their ideas are more successful than others. There is a strong correlation between adding interior shutters and having the value of your home soar, and you will understand this if you continue reading.

Aesthetic Appeal

When someone walks into a room that has interior shutters, that is the first thing that catches their eye. If you are placing your home on the market, having them can be a major selling point. They have a tendency to give the home a very regal look without costing far too much money. This means that the average person will feel like they are living in the lap of luxury. That alone can increase the amount people are willing to pay for your property.

Zero Replacement Costs

If you decide to place drapes, blinds or shades on your windows instead of shutters, they will have to be replaced every now and then. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can become a real hassle over time. When potential buyers see a home that has interior shutters, it lets them know that they will be able to enjoy this space without worrying about having to replace the window treatments soon, if ever.


Since shutters are considered a permanent fixture in your home, they are added to the value when the property is being appraised. This means that all of the money you invested will not be for nil. This means that you should avoid being a spendthrift and invest a decent amount of money on shutters since you will recoup your investment if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Saving Energy

These days, many people are trying to live a greener lifestyle. Interior shutters would certainly appeal to them since they help preserve large amounts of energy. They help keep it warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. As a result, energy bills will be lower than average. This certainly adds to the value of your home.

If you are thinking about having shutters installed inside your home, you should certainly give this a decent amount of thought. As you can tell, there are many significant benefits associated with this decision, especially those that will help you get top dollar if you decide to sell your property.

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Tips To Help You Improve Your Home Windows Or Patio

Do you wish something new for your windows and other improvements in your home? There are do it yourself ways but there is also great service from retractables utah south jordan wherein they provide you with stat of the art awnings installation for a better experience. While there are also other tips for the rest area of your home that can help you which you can read below.

Improving the quality of your home is something that everyone dreams of doing. Some projects are small and more like the "do it yourself" kind, while others are large and may require the assistance of a contractor. Whatever type of project you choose, though, the time and money you spend can be well worth the effort. The trick is to pick the right projects and do them well. Here are a few tips that can help when you're making your home improvement decisions.

You might only need to do something small to get more money out of your home when you sell it. Whether you are planning to sell or not, opt for doing small home improvement projects throughout the year. For example, give your house, inside and out, a fresh coat of paint. This simple task can significantly raise the value of your home.

Not all floors and walls are perfectly even. You may need to use shims when installing your lower level of cabinets to keep them in a straight line. Make sure to purchase these ahead of time in varying thickness' so that you don't have to run out in the middle of install to get them.

Paint stripes on your old walls prior to installing panels. The old wall tends to show no matter what you do when installing paneling. To cut down on that, measure where the panels are going to meet. Paint strips on the wall using paint color which better matches the paneling color.

When it comes to home improvement, be sure to promote the leaks at your house to the top of your priority list. This is important because leaks can be either dangerous, detrimental to the structure of your house, or to your pocketbook. Check all water pipes and fixtures for leaks on a regular basis. Install a CO2 detector in your house for gas leaks.

It is important to work from the bottom up in a home improvement project. This is the exact opposite approach than you would take for many other projects, but there is a lot more mess involved in home improvement. Make sure to consider the order that you want your projects completed in.

Only clean your furniture with furniture cleaner. Meanwhile it is tempting to just use a rag cloth and run over your furniture with water, it in fact ends up damaging your surfaces. Use specialty cleaners such as Pledge and spray liberally over your surfaces. It not only protects your finishes, but also repels dust.

Free up some cabinet space in your kitchen by using a metal desk organizer to store cutting boards, jelly roll pans and cookie sheets. This will not only give you the much needed cabinet space, but keep you from having to open every single drawer in your kitchen to find one item you could use.

The tips and tricks of the pros can help you create your own home improvement check list. Whether you decide on smaller projects to complete on your own, or whether you decide to bring in a contractor, you're home will surely benefit from taking on a few home improvement projects.

Fix Up Your House With These Simple Tips

You already know that making improvements to your home, not only adds beauty to your living area, but also increases your home's value. To make sure you are getting the most value for your effort, you need to find the best advice to help with your home improvement project. Check out the valuable tips in this article.

Here's a simple way of fixing gaps at the bottom of poorly fitted interior doors. Sandwich a section of timber (cut to the width of the door) between two pieces of paneling. Leave each piece of paneling sticking out beyond the upper side of the two by two by about one inch. Slip the extension over the bottom of the door and screw each piece of paneling into place against each side of the door. You can also choose to make your doors or shower doors energy efficient by having the service of mirrors Utah and learn more about their window films.

A well known rule for doing any kind of construction, repair, or renovation work is to measure twice and cut once. This age old saying still holds up today in every circumstance. Following this rule will allow you to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes associated with projects by using less materials and saving time and effort on labor.

Devote some time into weather-stripping your home. Even though your house might be insulated, there are probably small crevices around windows and doors through which air will leak. That means your house will lose cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter, leading to a higher energy bill when you run heating and cooling appliances. Weather-stripping your doors and windows will keep that from happening.

Install large corner shelves in your bedroom just below the ceiling. These shelves can easily be constructed using just a sheet of plywood and a couple of pieces of molding. Cut the shelf large enough that it can be used to hold large comforters and other items that you need to keep up and out of the way.

Do not sink a whole lot of money into new hardwood flooring, unless you have already consulted with a professional about the condition of existing flooring in your home. You might just have some very nice hardwood flooring way underneath whatever has been layered onto your floors, such as carpeting or linoleum. You are going to get nicer floors while spending much less.

When making outside cosmetic improvements to your home, don't neglect the front door. A cheap, ugly front door can make the whole front appear less attractive. To replace a standard front door, costs less than $200. The improvement you will see in the appearance of your home is more than worth the cost.

Check out nearby open houses for inspiration. This will show you what others are doing in modern decor. Often, model homes will have been decorated by a professional who has incorporated many style options to bring the home together. Simply follow their designs to give your home that same level of appeal.

Now that you have seen how easy it is to find the strategies to give your home, not just added beauty, but added value, it is time to get started on that home improvement project. The practical tips from this article will give you the information that you need for success.

Confused About Where To Start With Home Improvement? Read These Tips!

Doing your own home improvements can seem like a daunting task, but it's important to remember that every expert had to start somewhere. Learning slowly, making changes carefully and thoughtfully, and taking things bit by bit are all part of becoming great at doing your own home improvements. Tips like the following can help you gain confidence and learn what you need to know.

Displaying books in your living area can be a great sign of intelligence as well as a nice decorating accessory. Make sure when you're displaying your books to arrange them according to height and color. Not arranging books according to height will make your collection appear messy and unorganized. Arranging your books by color will make your area seem sophisticated.

During your next home improvement project, make sure to cover any exposed surfaces. For example, cover the floor with a tarp if you are painting or protect your counter tops if you are demolishing cabinets. If you fail to take the time to do this step, you may wind up spending a lot of money fixing scratched or damaged items.

You can create a designer spa feeling to your bathroom by incorporating some simple home design ideas such as installing dimmer light switches, candle wall sconces, burning fragrance, and using decorative baskets to hold fluffy towels. You can opt to paint your wall warm colors such as beige, brown or light green which give it a nice spa like touch.

Never neglect an electrical system upgrade when you are making home improvements preparatory to selling your house. Older houses are woefully unequipped for the demands of modern appliances and electronics. Even recently-built homes may lack the power systems that the latest gadgets require. Installing a fully up-to-date electrical service will make your home stand out to potential buyers.

If you live in a rural area, consider purchasing a power back up generator. When the lights go out and sometimes your heating even depends on it, you can be without power for hours or even days in seriously harsh weather. A power generator can help you take care of the necessities that you can't do without when the electricity is out.

Another very simple but easy to complete improvement is painting your home with a fresh coat of paint. By buying high quality paint with eye catching colors, you will improve the general look and mood of your place. Retouch the original color or possibly try a new, lively color in your rooms.

Planning landscaping to reduce water usage is not just for homeowners in drought-stricken areas. Between changing weather patterns, rising populations and falling water tables, water for home irrigation is only going to grow more expensive. By selecting plant species that require less water than the usual landscaping standards, a wise homeowner can save a lot of money.

With the knowledge of these tips to guide you, your self-assurance and expertise at home improvement tasks will grow, and soon you'll be helping other people learn about fixing and remodeling their homes, too. It doesn't have to be scary or hard to make your own home improvements, and knowing you have the ability to make your own home into a better place is one of the best feelings you can have. Yet do not be anxious to trust someone to work on your house improvement particularly on your windows or patios, you can contact carports utah salt lake city to work on this for you.

<h1> Common Problems With Window Tinting</h1>

If you’re thinking about getting some window tinting, whether it be residential or commercial, then there are a number of points you should know and understand so you make the best decision for your particular environment and application. The first and undoubtedly the most important thing you need to know about window film is the difference between good quality window film and bad quality film. Why is this so important? Good quality window film will last for the lifetime of your windows whereas poor window film will barely last 2-3 years on average, especially in a hot climate.


If you arent a professional, the only way to discriminate between premium quality and poor quality film is price and guarantee. When making enquirers with a supplier, ask how long the film is guaranteed for. If it’s not at least 12 years save yourself the pain. And also look out for the shady operator who offers you a guarantee on cheap film and hikes the price, to make it seem like it’s good film, but will either not be around, or simply do nothing if you get back to them because your tint has degraded.

Here’s the tip, (and by the way I’ve found this to be true with most things in life), if your only consideration in getting quotes is looking for the lowest possible price, then you will naturally gravitate towards the bad product and the real price you pay will be in around 3 years when your windows start to blister, fade and/or peel and look unsightly. Be warned, the cheapest price is usually the rubbish product!


There are a range of benefits you can get from window tinting, and each particular film you use will encapsulate some of these advantages, so the first thing you should be sure of is the most important reason for installing window tint. Lets look at each benefit in a tad more detail so you can better recognize the most suitable solution for your application. The main advantages of good quality window tinting are:

Heat Rejection: Good quality window film rejects heat by blocking as much as 73% of Total Solar Energy through windows. That really is cool!

UV Blocking: Premium window film eradicates up to 99% of infra red radiation from penetrating your windows. And as a bonus, it also prevents 93% of glare, which massively improves for your view and means things look cool!

Privacy: The right film will also provide daytime privacy, enabling everyone inside to remain cool, enjoy the views, and at the same time have total privacy from prying eyes during the day.

Impact Safety and Security Films: These specially designed films stop glass from fragmenting on impact. Safety films are designed to withstand the force of human impact, while security films can withstand an explosion without shattering. Since the collateral damage from accidents where windows are broken comes from shards of glass spraying like shrapnel, or large sections of glass falling like a guillotine, the major risks around safety are avoided. It also stops your windows from becoming a soft and easy entry point for burglars, because both the force and noise required to break and enter is so noticeable thieves, would rather simply move on in search of an easier, ‘softer’ target.

Finally of course there’s the matter of style. Good quality window film also adds style to windows; and for many people it’s the aesthetic charm that tinted windows add that is the primary driver for their installation.


The next point I want to discuss is relevant to drivers and it concerns installing the darkest legal tint on your car, truck or work vehicle.

The darkest legal tint permitted in most countries where window tinting is regulated is one with a VLT (visible light transmission) level of 35%, on all vehicle windows (excluding the front windscreen, which is not allowed to have any window tint except for a visor strip across the top). There are sometimes exceptions allowed on windows behind the driver. But here’s the critical point. Most cars already have a slight tint in the glass in their front windows, so this needs to be taken into consideration when adding tint to a vehicle. Here’s how the maths looks.

If your factory windows on your car already block 30% of light, when a film with the “darkest legal tint” of 35% is added to this window, it will emit only 35% of light into a window that is already only emitting 70% of light, so the final VLT reading will be finalised by the addition of both VLT ratings.

This needs to be considered because if a driver inadvertently fails to comply with tinting regulations, the result can be a fine. But even worse, if a vehicle is involved in an accident and its illegally dark windows are considered by the court to be a contributing factor, this could mean the nulling of your insurance policy, leaving you exposed to the full financial implications of the accident. Additionally criminal charge could apply if property is damaged or people are hurt.

The last thing to consider is that if you install illegally dark window tint, the vehicle is deemed unroadworthy, which means you can’t drive the car again until it has been put through the pits, in which case the illegal tint will have to be removed. That’s why the combined VLT of both the glass and film really should be considered when you’re selecting the appropriate tint for your car.

Summing up everything I’ve discussed, what’s the critical takeaway from this article? When it comes to window tinting, make sure you use a good quality film and that your installer has the knowledge to be able to offer you the best solution for your circumstances. Find a good installer who offers quality film and has easy to verify testimonials, something like this, and check out your local industry association.

Don't Know What To Do This Weekend? Why Not Home Improvement?

You can dramatically impact your home's value with a few small home improvements. You can actually raise the selling price of your home by quite a bit just by working around the house. Here are some home improvement ideas to help you get started.

A great way to make your home look new again is to slap on a new coat of paint on the outside of your home. If you choose a brighter color, your house will glow like a new pearl and will be the envy of everyone on your neighborhood block.

If you have a small bathroom, consider finding ways to save space as your next home improvement project. It is easy to use an adjacent closet or to reformat an old kitchen cabinet into a new storage facility for your bathroom. Always make sure not to remove any structural support that the room has.

If your kitchen cabinets are looking a little bland. you can add new cabinet knobs to create a new living environment that sparkles. Kitchen knobs are relatively expensive. Knobs come in a variety of colors, giving you the ability to personalize your kitchen in a very cute way. Create a happy home today with new kitchen knobs.

One simple way of adding fresh touches to your home is to get new electrical outlet covers and replace the old ones. With time, outlet covers tend to get dirty and dingy. By putting new outlet covers on in the house, you add a fresh touch to your home.

After sitting on your chair pads for a long time, they become flat. A good way to restore such cushions is to place them outdoors in the sunshine. Any moisture in the cushion will evaporate in the sun and the original bounce will be restored. The sun can fade fabrics, so be sure to turn the cushions and do not leave them in the sun for too long.

If you're living in an area that's fire-prone and you're considering fencing, opt for white or red cedar. While cedar woods are a particular favorite for their fragrance and stability, they also earn high safety ratings in areas plagued with wildfires.

One of the most effective and cost efficient additions is a window replacement to dress of those tired old windows or convert the functionality of a room like that do with Chicago home window replacement by changing from two adjacent double hung windows to a large picture window in the very same space. Some homeowners will convert a door to a window through installing a window replacement unit and others will convert a window into access to the out of doors with installation of window replacement patio doors.

Assess the condition of the paint on the exterior of your home. Old paint that is peeling can make a house look run down, driving down its value. In this case, it would be worth the investment to repaint. New exterior paint can give an old house new life and add value to the house so that you can justify a higher offer from the buyer.

If your home improvement project is going to inconvenience the neighbors, make sure they know as soon as possible. Major renovation work often calls for blocking part or all of the road to make deliveries and shift equipment. Warning your neighbors will make them appreciative.

Taking on a remodeling job doesn't have to be intimidating and difficult. You can help make your home improvement project a success by utilizing the information from this article. Try some or all of the ideas from this article to increase your home's value.

Triple Glazing Is It Worth The Expense.

Double Glazing Burton Upon Trent

When choosing Double glazing for new upvc windows and doors one of the choices needed to be made by the discerning home owner is the choice of glazing to be used in new windows and doors.

Traditionally double glazing as come with 4mm glass both sides with varying spaces either side of the glass. 

Double glazed units have developed over the years from ordinary float glass with an aluminium spacer bar to using K glass or soft coat glass to using warm edge spacer and more recently to incorporate argon gas inside sealed units. Energy rating legislation has made heat loss from double glazing significantly lower than when double glazed units first became popular in the 1970s.

A recent development in glass sealed units as been triple glazing marketed in the main by large national window replacement companies. Is the hype of triple glazing worth the extra cost from double glazing?

Triple glazing as been marketed as helping heat loss but  to date the British public as not taken to triple glazing and sales remain very low. Whilst we may spend a lot of time in the UK moaning about the weather the weather is in general pretty temperate and the payback for most home owners compared to the top performing double glazed units is difficult to justify in my opinion.

We have also had two of the warmest winters on record which again makes it difficult to argue the case for the extra cost of triple glazed units maybe after another severe winter we may change our opinion.

Without a doubt triple glazing with the right configuration of glass can deliver improved sound proofing and acoustic benefits. So if noise is a problem either from others or from say a commercial building then triple glazing may offer a good solution in noise control.

Triple glazing is a product where the cost/benefit equation is difficult to argue for in most properties in the UK. In remote isolated areas their may be a slight benefit but in our opinion the cost of triple glazing does not justify the additional cost for most people. 

Triple glazing offers a significant reduction in noise pollution, so it is ideal for those living in noisy areas. Double glazing can create cold patches in the house, due to the higher u-value of windows compared to walls and doors. This problem is exacerbated by modern insulation as better and thicker wall insulation means windows become much colder compared to the rest of the house. Triple glazing is an excellent solution to this problem, as it reduces the difference in U-value between the windows and the rest of the building.

Top Ten Practical Uses For A Conservatory

Conservatories and greenhouses used to be interchangeable terms, with the single function of being a refuge for plants against extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, because of technological advances leading to more affordable indoor climate control, conservatories are no longer out of reach for the average household. If you still havent made up your mind about adding a conservatory, here are the top ten practical uses that might just change your mind:

  1. Office or Library because conservatories are made up mostly out of transparent material, theyre the most well-lit places during the day up until the early afternoon. With an intense, natural light source beaming down from the ceiling, you not only get a beautiful view of the sky and your surroundings, but you also get a good dose of vitamin D.
  2. Indoor Garden conservatories were originally created to keep plants happy and healthy while keeping away uninvited rodents and other animals that munch away all of your precious plants if left outdoors. By keeping plants in your conservatory, you get the fresh air and beauty that plants offer without attracting pests common to the outdoors.
  3. Gym by working out exposed to the rays of the sun, you help your body release more serotonin, which boosts your mood and keeps you energetic all throughout the day. Combine this with the endorphin-boosting capability of exercise, and youve got yourself a natural mood and energy boosting routine.
  4. Sun room in some countries where sunlight isnt a common sight, its appearance can come with a little drizzle of rain or pelt of snow, which makes it impossible to read a book or share a meal with friends outdoors. Fortunately, sunrooms provide a sanctuary from rain drops, snowflakes, and other elements that would prevent you from enjoying the sight of the sun.
  5. Dining room by starting your day with a healthy dose of sunlight, even the most reclusive night owls get a chance to enjoy a meal with a friend or a family member.
  6. Indoor Planetarium a lot of people associate conservatories with daylight activities, but at night, conservatories can actually act like a planetarium, letting you see the mystical nighttime sky without being a sitting duck to mosquitoes, badgers, etc.
  7. Bedroom artificial light has made it harder for people to fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning. The pineal glands, which are in charge of producing melatonin that helps people sleep only work in the dark, whereas serotonin, which helps your body perk up is produced when the body is exposed to sunlight. By letting the moon and the sun tell you when to sleep and wake up, you get much more energy out of the day and much more rest out of the night.
  8. Living room the beauty of having a conservatory as your living room is that you can put in a lot of light-loving plants. Some people also add reef or planted aquariums, as natural sunlight gives the corals and plants enough energy to grow and thrive without needing expensive, artificial light.
  9. Kitchen having a kitchen in a conservatory not only allows you to cook meals with a clear view of nature, but you can also grow several types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits that you can readily pick for whatever dish you want to make.
  10. Indoor pool or hot tub the great thing about having a pool or hot tub inside a conservatory is that heavy rain or snow wont ruin the fun. With the appropriate heating or cooling devices, you can produce the perfect climate for indoor swimming without blocking the sun.