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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches: Essesx Pest Control

Cockroaches seem to infiltrate every dark area of the house, such as under the sink, inside cupboards and closets, and in rooms that have not been used for quite some time. Just imagine how many of these species are hiding beneath the floor you are standing on and in spaces in the ceiling over you. Moreover, it can be very frustrating that despite your cleanliness, these pests still thrive.

How to eliminate cockroaches

Roaches are always associated with dirt and diseases; thus, what embarrassment you would feel when other people see a cockroach in your house. To eliminate them, you can call an exterminator but there are times when he cannot come to your rescue right away. If this happens, you can make use of the following tips.

Use coffee grounds as repellants. Coffee grounds do not attract cockroaches. This may be because they are somewhat bitter and strong; so if you put coffee grounds in different parts of your bathroom or sink, you can be assured that the cockroaches would not want to be there.

Mix borax and sugar. The mixture is effective because sugar will attract roaches while borax kills these pests. The cockroaches will be trapped in the sweet mixture and then chemicals in borax will instantly kill them.

Spray fabric softener and water mix. This mixture is really effective; but the downside is, it leaves some unpleasant marks on the places you spray it on. In addition, it would be a shock to see dead cockroaches scattered on your floor the next day; so you should be ready to do a lot of cleaning afterwards.

The aforementioned concoction is a cheap option while you wait for your exterminator in Essex pest control.

Hire an exterminator. Oftentimes, seeking the help of the experts gives you the assurance that everything is under control because they have all the necessary skills, training, and equipment to solve this problem. With regular holding of similar cleaning procedures with your neighbors in all the apartments in your building at the same time, the neighborhood will become a safe place from pest infiltration.

Why roaches must be eliminated

Food adulteration and poisoning. Since cockroaches eat almost just anything they pass through such as dead animals and plants, fecal matter, soap, hair, and other matters including Salmonella, then they would bring those tiny bits of dirty things on your food and contaminate them.

Disease carriers. The saliva and digestive fluids of cockroaches contain bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa that can cause sepsis, urinary tract infections, and digestive problem.

Cockroach bites. Some cockroaches bite humans on the toes, fingernails and other soft parts of the body. When you have wounds, the germs they carry will be transferred to you and will surely make you sick.

Intrusion of human body parts. Cockroaches can enter any opening in your body such as the ears while you are sleeping.

Sicknesses and allergies. Skin rashes, watery eyes, and sneezing may result from contact with cockroaches. They can also trigger asthma through cockroach allergens.


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